There is a specific subclass of pizza known as the Sunday Night Pizza.

It's tradition in our family to eat a big-ish Sunday dinner (possibly a supper depending on where you live) and then follow it up with a lighter dinner. Sometimes it's leftovers, sometimes, and pretty much every other week it's a basic pizza.

Basic is not being used pejoratively here. This is merely what I say when I want a no-frills, not-too much, fastball cheese (maybe pepperoni if dinner/supper wasn't too heavy) pizza.

Nunzio's is excellent. But far too much cheese for a Sunday night. That's a meal and a half. A perfect Friday night pizza. Too much for 6:30 on a Sunday night. Same for a deep dish at Lou's or anything like that. Woodfire is great, but not on a Sunday night.

The list below will be a little biased with me growing up and living in Loves Park. Your list may and definitely should vary on this neighborhood-subjective list.

Top 5 "Sunday Pizza" Spots In Rockford, Illinois

Sunday night pizza is a different category of pizza. It has to be local. Can't be too heavy. It won't make you feel heavy Monday morning. And it should do it all for under 20 bucks. Here's a few to check out. Yours should vary. No one's list of favorite pizza should ever look the same.

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