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TikTok is undoubetly one of the all-time best time wasters humans have ever invented. If you haven't ridden the dragon of TikTok, I would advise you to stay off of it, and just catch highlights on other social media platforms.

There's something about the Tok that just sucks you in and before you know it 90 minutes have passed, and you've done, and learned nothing.

But every once in a while you come across a post that is actually interesting like the one above.

This video from user RocketJump proposes that in order to find the best Chinese restaurant in a metro area, you should go to Yelp and find the ones with 3.5 stars as an overall score.

Not 3. Not 4. And definitely not 5. Just 3.5 stars.

His justification is pretty solid. Asian culture doesn't put the importance on good service the way Western cultures, and especially America do. The thought being, that the more authentic, and better, a Chinese restaurant is, the more demerits it will get from an American crowd for being an unfriendly atmosphere.

It makes sense in theory, and he even says this only really works in large metro areas, so does this work in Rockford?

Let's Go To Yelp:

I went to Yelp. Typed Chinese Food and Rockford, Illinois in the search bar and these are the Chinese Food places, according to Yelp, that have an average of 3.5 stars as a rating.

Wong Wong Chinese Restaurant:

attachment-Wong Wong

This isOrielocated on Auburn, way out by Central Ave. I am not familiar with this place but the comments read a lot like what RocketJump was talking about. The food sounds outstanding. I think I'll be trying their BBQ Pork Fried Rice sometime this weekend.

Golden Chopsticks Buffet:

attachment-Golden Chopsticks

The theory falls apart a little here. I've been to this buffet at the corner of Alpine and Harlem. It's not bad, but it definitely isn't the best Chinese food in town.

Lung Fung:

attachment-Lung Fung

This one checks out. I haven't been to Lung Fung, but I have been to Lung Fung 2, which is excellent. (Lung Fung 2 actually received 4 stars) Give this spot on Broadway a try sometime, I'm sure it's good.

Oriental Buffet:

attachment-Oriental Buffet

The second buffet on this list I think speaks more to Rockford's taste buds than the quality of Chinese food in the area.

That completes the list of Chinese food restaurants in Rockford receiving exactly 3.5 stars on Yelp.

I left off many better Chinese restaurants off this list that received 4s and 5s on Yelp. Maybe Rockford just isn't big enough, or maybe this theory just doesn't work.

If you need me, I'll be looking at the menu from Wong Wong's.

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