Nothing against Culver's, but when you want the best, sometimes you need to go to the local level.

Butter burgers have come a long way the last two decades and much of the success has to be attributed to Culver's, A.K.A., the In-And-Out of the Midwest but actually good.

Culver's opened their first store in 1984 in Sauk City, Wisconsin and since then the franchise has extended to 867 stores in 2022. They are most likely the only reason you know what a butter burger is and they do a great job serving them.

I love Culver's as much as the next Midwesterner (except their custard, it's great but there's not enough Lactaid in the world to get me through one of their concretes,) but you would have never heard of them if a little bars around Wisconsin hadn't been serving them for years.

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One of those bars? Kroll's Tavern in Green Bay, Wisconsin.


As you can see, the bar isn't much. You could miss it if you weren't looking for it. I'll show you the picture of the inside after this but it's unnecessary. You know exactly what it looks like inside. Close your eyes and imagine it.


Did it look like this? Of course it did. You might have thought they had high tables instead of low tables, but everything else is spot on. I'm sure there's some sort of beef jerky or bag of nuts for sale behind that bar.


But their claim to fame is the butter burger. They've been making them ever since they opened and as you can see, it looks even richer than their famous Culver's counterpart.


It's a great stop for a family trip. Just make sure you try to plan your trip around a Green Bay Packers home game. It can get a little crowded.


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