A Belvidere woman was selling a bench on the Facebook group Belvidere IL area Buy/Sell/Trade but one potential buyer wanted more than just a bench. Their conversation is a reminder of playing it safe when it comes to selling something online and meeting face-to-face to complete the sale.

In the post (that has since been removed) the Belvidere woman was looking to get rid of an exercise bench for a few bucks and received a message from a Chicago man inquiring about the bench. In hindsight, that could have been a red flag. Assuming he had an actual interest in the bench, she engaged in conversation. Little did she know the man was interested in more than just the bench and, in fact, he came off as creepy.

Here is their conversation, originally shared in Belvidere IL area Buy/Sell/Trade.

Belvidere IL area Buy/Sell/Trade via Facebook

Seems like a legitimate potential sale. The man is interested in the bench, it's still available, and he'd like to buy it. Here's where's the comes the uncomfortable part.

Belvidere IL area Buy/Sell/Trade via Facebook

Just don't. Ever. That is so awkward it isn't even funny. Did he have any interest in the workout bench at all or did he just see that a woman was the seller and thought it would be OK to try and pick her up in the process of "buying" something?

The Belvidere woman shared her story with the group before removing it, which is why her information is disguised. She pointed out the obvious red flags and warns other women to be careful when meeting in person to sell things online, be it Facebook, Craigslist, and the like.

Belvidere IL area Buy/Sell/Trade via Facebook

Creepy indeed.

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