Talk about a legitimate cause for concern.

As a parent of two children, I have experienced a similar situation, I have a firsthand understanding of how horrifying this can be for a parent.

A Northern Illinois mother shared an account of an incident that happened recently in a park in Belvidere, Illinois.

Credit: Getty Stock / ThinkStock
Credit: Getty Stock / ThinkStock

One woman commented with this,

You sadly have to be mindful that even though this isn't "Rockford", you still have to always be aware of your surroundings (which she absolutely did).

This is 1,000% true, but things can still happen even in broad daylight.


Here's her account of what happened.

Be careful walking in Belvidere Park ESPECIALLY by yourself! Me and my friend went to take my son for a walk and we got chased by a white male in his car! He drove on the sidewalk and even went through the grass just to go after us! We thank God a younger couple were driving around and saw that the creep was stalking us! They chased the guy around for a bit and eventually stayed with us while we called the cops! I hate that I no longer feel safe in Belvidere.

As support for the young mother built up in the comments following her story, one woman (who appears to be her friend) confirmed the man was caught and arrested by Belvidere Police.

Credit: Rachel Garcia, Facebook
Credit: Rachel Garcia, Facebook

This was him!!! They got him.

As did the young mother sharing this story, remember to be aware of your surroundings, including vehicle and person description.

You can read her post and the comments here.

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