The BBB is warning Illinoisans of fake check scams that are going around.

WREX shares that even though written checks are used less and less everyday the fake check scam is still on the rise.

It's been noted by the BBB that many young people in their 20's are the main target.

The checks they receive in the mail look real and come it the forms of  Work-from-home "employment scams and prize and sweepstakes fraud."

How it works is that "scammers will send a check in the mail that looks real, telling you to cash it and send them a portion back. The problem is that check will most likely bounce, leaving you on the hook for all the money." (ABC7)

Also, when cashing those types of checks it could take "anywhere from a couple of days to a couple weeks when the bank informs the victim that the check was counterfeit."


Bottom line is this.

If it looks to good to be true, it probably is.

Use your common sense. If you weren't expecting a check and you don't really don't know the company or origins of where this windfall of cash is coming from, shred it.

It's not worth hassle or the headache of the nightmare wading through and paying for the scam.



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