You've been paying attention to the straits that Bed Bath & Beyond has found themselves in, so it's probably no surprise to you that things are getting worse, not better for a company that's teetering on the edge of bankruptcy.

That doesn't make it any easier to watch, although we don't have much choice since every week seems to bring another round of bad news for BB&B---along with more store closings.

This week is no different.

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Early Last Month, BB&B Warned That Bankruptcy Was On The Table, Then A Week Or So Later They Said That They Were In Default On Loans And Didn't Have The Funds To Pay Them Back

I'm no business expert, but even I know that sounds like a company that's on life support, and doesn't have many (if any) viable options for survival.

Add in the extra store closings that have just been announced, and you have less than rosy odds for BB&B making it through 2023.

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The New Closures Announced This Week By BB&B Include About 90 Stores Across The Country; Florida Loses 11 Stores While New Jersey Loses All Of Theirs

Remember, back in September BB&B said that they were planning on closing around 150 of their nearly 900 locations, which included 6 Illinois BB&B stores.

Then, in January of this year, BB&B said that they were going to close even more stores across the country, and three more Illinois stores were added to the list of 6.

Moving forward, just over a week ago, BB&B put out the news that they were closing an additional 87 stores across the country, with 5 more Illinois stores being added, too.

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The Current BB&B Closing List Now Includes 19 Illinois Stores, But Will It Stop There?

Not being allowed into closed door Bed Bath & Beyond board meetings, I don't know the answer to that, but it really doesn't look like the closings in Illinois, or anywhere else are stopping anytime soon.

According to, this is a list of which stores in Illinois are set to close, if they haven't already. Stores newly added to the list have been marked with an asterisk:

  • Bourbonnais: 2056 North State Route 50
  • Carbondale: University Mall, 1265 E. Main St.
  • Champaign: Market View Shopping Center, 63 E. Marketview Dr.
  • Chicago: 1419 N. Kingsbury St.
  • Chicago Ridge: 9650 S. Ridgeland Ave.
  • Crystal Lake: 5786 Northwest Highway
  • Geneva: 1584 S. Randall Rd.
  • Gurnee: 6132 Grand Avenue, Gurnee Mills Mall
  • Fairview Heights: Fairview Center, 6611 N. Illinois
  • Forest Park: 215 Harlem Ave.
  • Joliet: 2850 Plainfield Rd.
  • Kildeer: 20505 N. Rand Rd.*
  • Normal: 1700 E. College Ave.*
  • Peoria: 4800 N. University St.*
  • Quincy: 5110 Broadway St.
  • Schaumburg: 915 East Golf Rd.
  • Springfield: 3251 S. Veterans Parkway*
  • Vernon Hills: 413 Milwaukee Ave. Suite 300
  • Wilmette: 3232 Lake Ave.

The following Illinois locations are not listed on the company's latest list of closures:

    • 1800 N. Clybourn Avenue, Chicago, Ill.
    • 96 S. Waukegan Road, Deerfield, Ill.
    • 1548 Butterfield Road, Downers Grove, Ill.
    • 11165 West Lincoln Highway, Frankfort, Ill.
    • 336 S. Route 59, Naperville, Ill.
    • 6309 E. State Street, Rockford, Ill.
    • 5545 W. Touhy Avenue, Skokie, Ill.
    • 7175 Kingery Highway, Willowbrook, Ill.

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