Just 20 minutes a week could mean a life-changing difference to some local children.  

United Way's I Read program is currently being implemented in 4 local school districts. Rockford, Harlem, Meridan, and Oregon school districts are all looking for volunteers to do some one-on-one tutoring of local kids who need some extra help reading.

Some of the program specifics:

  • Volunteer reading mentors are matched with students who will most benefit from the one-on-one time with an adult volunteer.
  • Reading mentors may volunteer with one or two students weekly for 20-30 minutes each during the school day in the classroom or other designated areas within the school.
  • Each year new volunteers are recruited, trained, and matched with incoming kindergarten students.

The program is for kindergarten through third grade. Volunteers are encouraged to follow along with a student for all four years but are only asked to commit for one year to begin.

This is one of those programs where you can directly see the impact your efforts bring. It's also one of those programs where the volunteer can get as much or more out of it than the people it's designed to benefit.

If this interests you, you can apply to begin the program next year. They are taking applications now. You can find those and more information here. 


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