It's no secret that some of our roads and bridges around here are in disrepair. Now you can find out where the real dangerous ones are.

The Washington Post just released this interactive map that has every sub-standard bridge listed in the country.

The good news is that in Winnebago County 7.7% of bridges are listed as sub-standard. That's below the national average of 9.4%.

The bad news is that these bridges are pretty evenly distributed around the county. I tried to find the worst bridge in town and the one with the lowest score is probably one you've driven over this week.

It's the bridge on Alpine that goes over Keith Creek. If that doesn't ring a bell it's at the bottom of the valley between State St. and Ruben Aldeen Park. There used to be an Arnold Palmer miniature golf course there if that rings a bell.

There are some other bad ones in town too. It was shocking seeing how long it had been since some of the bridges had been repaired. Hopefully the country's crumbling infrastructure will be improved sooner than later.

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