Anderson Gardens better get a bigger awards case because the accolades keep rolling in. 

Another year and Anderson Japanese Gardens finds themselves getting some more worldwide recognition.

ChristiesRealEstate - Designed by landscape architect Hoichi Kurisu, this landmark has been delighting visitors for 40 years. Curator Tim Gruner’s highlights include the 16th century-style sukiya teahouse, the garden area around the guesthouse and a 50ft-high waterfall. Another wonderful reason to visit are the architectural components; guests are granted exclusive access to the 16th century Sukiya-style Guest House and the Laurent House–the only home designed by architect Frank Lloyd Wright specifically for a client with a physical disability.

And just to emphasize that this isn't just a "best of Illinois type list" the other four Japanese gardens in the article are from Australia, France, Canada, and Portland.

If you haven't been to Anderson Gardens yet it's ok, I forgive you. It honestly took me awhile. There's something about an attraction being in your own backyard that makes it not a priority sometimes. Anderson Gardens should be a priority. It's absolutely stunning.

Plus with the addition of Fresco at the Gardens, it's a must go. I can't think of a restaurant with a better view. I'd take it over the Signature Room at the top of the Hancock.

Whether you're going there for your first or hundredth time, it's going to be a great trip.

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