I'm actually pretty disappointed that I have never thought to do this double-feature myself. 

If you haven't done a drive-in for a while, now is the time and the Midway Drive-In in Sterling, Illinois is the place to do it.

Movie theaters should be open soon but some might not feel quite safe enough to be in such close quarters just yet. Or maybe you just have gotten used to being apart from strangers and want to keep up the buffer.

These two movies are perfect for drive-ins because you've probably already seen them, it can be hard to follow a plot sometimes in the car, but it's also probably been a while.

Planes, Trains & Automobiles starts at 8:15, but you should get there early to get a spot you want. Gates open at 7. Tickets must be purchased ahead of time online.

Obligatory pillow scene:

Don't want comedy? McHenry Outdoor Theater has two very different shows this weekend.

On Friday, they will be playing the new King Kong Vs. Godzilla Movie (that is not very good at all but would be pretty awesome to see at a drive-in) followed by the 1962 original. Sounds awesome.

Then on Saturday, they'll be hosting a Virtual Drive-In Bon Jovi Concert. Sounds like a good time that will be loud and one of a kind.

Unlike the Sterling Drive-In, you CANNOT pre-order tickets to the McHenry Outdoor Theater. The box office will open no later than 6:30, earlier if there's a back-up of traffic, and tickets will be first come, first served.

There is one more, little more kid-friendly option, that's just a little bit more of a drive. That would be the Route 34 Drive-In down near Mendota.

Their double feature this weekend will be Gremlins, followed by Beetlejuice. Honestly, a little too scary for me. It's amazing that those movies are rated PG. The 1980s were a different place.

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