With the Illinois primary election on Tuesday, one of the most-frequently-asked-questions we'll receive in the coming days is, "Where can I find more information about the candidates?"

Well, here's the place to start. Below find links to the Chicago Tribune's in-depth profiles on each potential GOP nominee. You'll also be able to listen to the audio of the most-recent "Riley & Scot" interview with each of the candidates.

Kirk Dillard

Pool, Getty Images

I’m electable. Bill Brady couldn’t beat Pat Quinn when Quinn had a 28% approval rating last time. And Bruce Rauner has so alienated so many people, anybody that works for a living, that he’s unelectable. Treasurer Rutherford is embroiled in scandal. So I’m the only candidate, if you’re a Republican or want change, that can actually beat Pat Quinn. I’m tested and prepared.

Bill Brady

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I’ve always said that if Peotone is going to go, it’s gotta be a private-sector investment. We’ve got enough capital investment in the public sector airports. Rockford has unlimited opportunity. Do I hope someday Peotone can have an airport? Yes, I think there’s opportunities. But we’ve got to focus on what we can do to maximize what we already have. We can’t use public-sector dollars to build something and hope they will come. Rockford’s already built.

Bruce Rauner


We have got to sunset that tax hike. We have got to get rid of it. We should roll back the Quinn tax hike and bring down our spending dramatically...And then what I would do is change the regulation climate so we're pro-business. We should grow our revenue not through higher tax rates but by becoming a pro-growth state again.

Dan Rutherford


No [I would not sign an assault weapons ban]. The challenge we have with regards to crime isn't because of the piece of equipment that one has, it's because of who has it. The bad guys are not background checked, the bad guys are not trained, the bad guys aren't licensed. The good guys who's been oppressed from not having a concealed carry opportunity until just recently aren't the problem.