Fall started this week so it's time to forget your bikini body and dig into your favorite comfort foods. 

Rewind your mind to last week. It was 90 out and the sun was melting the seats in your car. You ate a salad for lunch with a giant lemonade filled with ice and then you chewed on the ice.

It was still summer.

It's not summer anymore.

The full moon on Monday night really flipped a switch. All of the sudden the humidity is gone, you probably need a sweatshirt and it's time to eat your weight in comfort food.

But what's the best comfort food in the Stateline?

I haven't tried this yet but I mean... LOOK AT IT.

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It's called 'The Mac,' and it's grilled or crispy chicken topped with buffalo sauce and a big huge glob of their classic mac and cheese.

I think glob is the correct term for that size scoop, right?

This photo from Rockford Cravings on Instagram shows a pickle on the side, which honestly I could do without... but hey it looks just fine.

However, I absolutely need those fries on the side. What's comfort food without french fries?

I've never actually ordered a mac and cheese sandwich before but I have 'made' one myself... at Thanksgiving when I take a brown and serve roll and fill it with Velveeta. While that is delicious, I have a feeling this sandwich is way better.

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