This little raccoon, or trash panda as I call them, just wanted a little camera time. 

This was a video shared by Marcus Leshock (fun Marcus Leshock fact, he's married to Harlem's Jonna Schlittler) during a recent live shot outside of Chicago.

I'm always surprised how cute raccoons can be. I remember growing up and thinking that they only carried rabies, and rabies scared the crap out of me. Remember that story arc on Night Court when Roz had rabies? That's when I found out about the disease and that the only treatment at the time was like 100 shots in the stomach. I was NOT about that life at all. Then I found out that raccoons sometimes carried rabies and I was OUT on raccoons. Night Court was such a good show. Back when Thursday nights meant funny stuff on NBC. Now those were the good ol' days.

Back to the raccoons. Not too much to add here. I just wanted to share a cute raccoon video with you. Here are some more great videos that are related to this blog.

WARNING: You may get hit with a sexual harassment suit just by watching this Dan Fielding highlight reel. 

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