A once abandoned psychiatric hospital in Illinois has just been named the creepiest haunted house in the entire state.

If you're looking to get your scare on, you're in luck because apparently, you can stay overnight.

Photo by Martin Dalsgaard on Unsplash

24/7 Tempo put together a giant list of each state's "Creepiest Haunted House" and for Illinois, they said it's Ashmore Estates.

Once known as the Coles County Poor Farm, the Ashmore Estates laterserved for decades as a psychiatric hospital. Some who have toured the building reported hearing voices speak to them, having doors locked behind them, and even more violent incidents. The Ashmore Estates is now opened to visitors interested in exploring paranormal phenomena.

Ashmore was profiled on episodes of Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures, along with countless other YouTubers looking to find paranormal activity.

Ashmore is so popular with the ghost hunting crowd, the first thing you'll see at ashmoreestates.net is they're accepting bookings for 2022.

To me, that means business is really good for the folks who own the property.

As most know Ashmore Estates was sold May of 2014.  You will not believe the improvements to the property that were done in two years.  It could not have been done without the help of so many people in the paranormal community and for that we thank those that helped.

Photo by Spencer Tamichi on Unsplash

Ashmore is really far south from us in Rockford. Located in Coles County, a trip there would take you just over 3 hours. I guess it gives you plenty of time to reconsider if you're not sure about checking out Illinois' creepiest haunted house.

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