It has to be a bit disconcerting when an apex predator takes interest in your unborn child. 

A lot of people are going to say how cute this video is and how it's amazing that mothers can share a bond across species.

I have bad news for those people. That tiger wanted to eat that baby. I know it and you know it. Tigers can't be trusted. Maybe a cheetah but not a tiger. Has anyone seen the Jungle Book?

That's pure evil and I'm pretty sure that movie was a documentary. Best case scenario from a tiger is you're getting something like Tigger from Winnie the Pooh and that guy is a psychopath that is probably hopped up on cocaine 24/7. Wouldn't trust him with my baby either.

What I'm saying here folks is that whenever you see an animal do something cute there's probably an ulterior motive. Unless of course, we're talking about dogs. Dogs only have good in their hearts.


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