If you haven't heard of the Rev. David Ryder, of Hyde Park, New York, and the Rev. John Gibson, of Milwaukee, you soon will.

This video of the dueling seminarians was recorded in April at a fundraiser at the North American College, an elite American seminary just a short way from the Vatican.

Rider got the crowd warmed up with an outstanding tap-dance routine, then found himself upstaged by Gibson's Irish dance. The next thing you know, they're battling it out to the delight of their audience.

The video is approaching 300,000 views, and as you might imagine, there have been some critics who complained that the priests were being disrespectful by dancing under a crucifix and a painting of Pope Francis.

Rider refers those critics to the Bible, "Where the Lord tells us to live with joy."

This performance is nothing if not joyful.

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