We're gonna need some crowdsourcing on this. 

Imagine if you will:

It's a little past noon on a Tuesday and you've hit a bit of a wall at work. You ate pretty early last night and since you skipped breakfast your stomach sounds like a malnourished lion. You only have one thing on your mind and that's where you're about to go to lunch.

You've been hankering for an Italian Beef for a few weeks now. You made some for the Super Bowl but that was just the crockpot version. And while the crockpot recipe is delicious, nothing hits quite like a beef from the pros. You weigh the nutritional effects of your decision. It's going to warm up here pretty soon and you'll have to stop wearing hoodies sometime. You make a Faustian Bargain stating that you'll start eating better once the temperature hits 50 (you won't) and head out the door to Portillo's.

You walk in and place your order. Tammy hands you your receipt and you giggle to yourself:


You haven't thought about the band 311 in at least a decade. You decide to throw on some Down and reminisce a little on your late 20s.


Just as Nick Hexum is about to go into the refrain for the 9th time you hear your number called, you walk to get your food and she places the bag right on one of these monstrous trays.


Are you taking the whole tray back to your table or just picking up your bag and drink, leaving the tray?

I've seen about a 50/50 split and just wondered what the general consensus is. You obviously take the tray if there are multiple drinks involved but if you can handle it on your own, I say just leave it.

But then I worry if that's rude or if I'm expected to eat off the tray instead of the table. I'm already not the best at following social norms so I know my first instinct isn't always correct.

What do you guys do?

Bonus 311 Video:


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