Medium rare was the most popular answer across the country. 

loading... performed this survey. They polled close to 4,000 Americans in May of 2020.

The breakdown of Illinois' preferences looks like this:

  • Rare - 2%
  • Med Rare - 26%
  • Med - 32%
  • Med Well - 17%
  • Well Done - 23%

Personally, I'm a medium guy myself but do whatever you want.

I know this is coming out now because it's grilling season, and I LOVE to grill, but ever since I tried Gordon Ramsay's pan basting method, I'm never going back.


Gordon's the best. He explains the best way to cook a steak in 150 seconds better than any cooking video I've seen, and I've seen A LOT of cooking videos.

In related news, we're giving away a pretty awesome smoker for Father's Day courtesy of Home Depot.  All you have to do to enter is submit a picture of you and your dad. All the information can be found here.

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