Just to get it out of the way. The term "Boomer" is being used affectionately. 

(Note: I have no pictures of my dad on my phone. That was the picture my sister sent me when I asked her if she had one. We're not a "picture" family. That is not our dog. That's Max, my grandma's dog.)

I'm not here to shame anyone for not knowing how a piece of technology works. It advances at a pace that can quickly leave people behind if they don't actively keep up. I don't know how to use an 8-track, sometimes my dad doesn't know about a certain function on his phone. We all have our strengths and weaknesses.

It started when I texted my dad an article to read. It was about a new defense that the University of Baylor basketball team is running this year. Here's the video that's embedded in the article in question:

This is not pertinent to the story at all, I'm just very excited for the Illinois-Baylor game tonight. You can catch it live on 1440 WROK tonight. Pregame starts at 8PM, tip at 9.

Moving on.

He wanted his friend Jared to read the article and asked me if I could send it to Jared as well. Then we had this conversation:

Me: You know you can forward that link yourself?

Him: Really?

Then I showed him how if you press and hold the message, some options pop up and you can do multiple things, including forwarding.

This guy made a nice quick video about it:

It has almost 100K views, so this is apparently something not everyone knows.

You might have already known this and that's great for you, this is for everyone else. If I can just help one other person, I'll consider this post a success.

Again. I'm not here to shame anyone for technological ignorance. It took my friend about 3 days to explain to me over text how to add a filter to an Instagram post. I get it, sometimes these things aren't exactly intuitive. I'm just here to help.

Is there anything technological that you've just found out or explained to someone else? Let us know and we'll get it out to the masses.


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