A really cool event is coming to the Coronado this weekend. 

The Rockford Symphony Orchestra will be playing the entire score to The Wizard of Oz during a showing this Saturday.

I'm really not sure if watching it with a live orchestra would make it less scary but I know it can't make it scarier.

Can I be honest here for a bit? Can we take a seat in the trust tree? The Wizard of Oz is one of the scariest movies I've ever seen. Not sure if I saw it at just the wrong time or I'm just a big wuss, but that movie AFFECTED me.

Let's just list the terrifying things in the movie:

  • Flying evil monkeys
  • Talking lion in weird make-up
  • Shrieking evil witches that melt when wet
  • Toronados that wisk houses away
  • A dog's life is threatened
  • A few of those munchikins are nightmare-fuel
  • The scarecrow is also pretty creepy if we're being honest

That's just a few of the terrifying things in the movie.

Again I'm not sure if I just watched the movie at a bad time in my life but it's definitely stuck with me.

Sorry for the tangent there. This still looks like a great time. Tickets are still available. Just head to their website here. 

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