A gigantic explosion left these silos damaged back in the 1970's. The city of Chicago, and visitors from across the country have visited and even used these grain elevators for artistic purposes. Thousands of photo shoots, movie scenes and obviously some "disturbing" happenings have gone down here. Welcome to Damen Silos.


You see the vandalism when you watch these videos, and can imagine the "not so nice" that has gone down. But the way this video is shot, you can see and feel the art and the beauty of these once workable grain elevators.


Abandoned in the 1970's after a massive explosion rocked Damen Silos, the owners realized that this structure was damaged beyond repair. So the owners simply left.


This structure, is incredibly tall and the film work in this video is quite dangerous.


The comments on the YouTube video prove the historic value of Damen Silos and confirm that this place has been visited by many, check this out!

This was my hideout when I didn’t wAnt to go to school. Before security it was pretty hot. Sometimes haunted thru the tunnels. Back when the bridge was still there before transformers movie took it down..
I remember exploring the site back when I was in 8th grade roughly a year before this video, bringing with me some of my younger classmates, we explored the base of the elevator, and the warehouses nearby, no way were we kids gonna get to the top from that rope that hung from the side of the firestairs!
We use to party here back in highschool They have security there now?
Here you go, check out this AMAZING video tour of "Damen Silos."

WARNING: Under no circumstances should you enter this property. By doing so you risk bodily harm and/or prosecution for trespassing on private property.


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