Maybe I don't eat enough fortune cookies because I can't quite figure out why so many people are using them to help them out with the lotto.

Maybe it's just that we live in a superstitious state, meaning Illinois people look at the numbers that come with their fortune cookie as a sign to play the lotto with them.

Meritt Thomas via Unsplash
Meritt Thomas via Unsplash


Actually, there is some evidence to back up the claims, because OpenFortune says " a surprising number of people use their fortune cookie to play the lottery – and actually win."


OpenFortune, the media platform that distributes branded fortune cookies across the U.S., recently compiled research that revealed close to 150 lottery winners between 2004 and 2021, who were inspired to play after opening a fortune cookie.


Only one person from Illinois is said to have played the lottery and won after using the numbers from a fortune cookie. Next door, Indiana has had 10 residents claim they won after busting open a fortune cookie and taking the numbers.

OpenFortune Fortune Cookie Lottery Study, 2021
OpenFortune Fortune Cookie Lottery Study, 2021

South Carolina is the luckiest state with 15 people claiming they won due to fortune cookie lotto numbers.


Despite the fact that we have had only one winner in Illinois who claims they got their winning numbers from a fortune cookie, it appears we're still using them.

The study shows "nearly 90% said they have used their fortune cookie to play the lottery and nearly 80% said they were more likely to play the lottery after reading the fortune cookie."

Long story short, fortune cookies may tell you your future, but they certainly won't help you win the lottery.

If you do win because of your fortune cookie, I'd call that luck or good fortune. Wait a minute. Luck? Fortune? People using those numbers for the lottery might be on to something.

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