I never actually attended Illinois State University in Bloomington but I did spend a good amount of time down there in my early 20s. I had never heard of the ghost that apparently is hanging around a library that closed more than 40 years ago.

The ghost in question is apparently the apparition of former librarian Angeline Vernon Milner. She was the University's first full-time librarian back in 1890. Milner was responsible for organizing the school's more than 40,000 books into the school's first fully operational library.

In 1917 the University moved its library to Williams Hall where Milner worked until her death in 1928. She passed away while organizing a section of biology books. In 1940 a new library was build and named "Milner Library." While most of the books were transferred to the new location, many were left behind at the old building with inscriptions on the bindings put there by Agnes herself.

Since 1980, people working in the mostly empty building have reported encounters of what they believe to be the ghost of Milner.

MysteriousHeartland - Employees have reported eerie feelings, sightings of mist or fog, and even discovered books that inexplicably fell from the shelves. A phychic even claimed to se a "purple comumn of light."

I would HIGHLY recommend you read this piece from a student newspaper that chronicles a journey through the supposedly haunted library. The part about Reese's Pieces is especially chilling.

Also, according to a localwiki on Williams Hall, the library was investigated and showed proof of spiritual energy, whatever that might be.

The wiki also states that Angie Milner was supposedly the inspiration for the librarian ghost in the movie "Ghostbusters."

Do you know anyone that ran into the spirit of Agnes down in Bloomington? Let us know in the comments.

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