Located in an alley off of Stephenson Street, the "apple" is a simply tradition, that started back in the 1970's:

I'm 50 years old and I remember it as a child. I would have to say at least 45 years.

Fond memories of home!

I remember it as a teen, at least, and I am near 70!

Famous apple tree love it

The tree is pruned all year by the sons of the home owners the Siener's they also own the downtown store "freeport rug and linoleum" very nice family...

It wasn't Christmas until you saw the giant red apple. Makes me feel like a kid again. That alley sure got a lot of traffic!!

It just wasn't Christmas until you drove by the apple tree.... I miss seeing it since I moved away from Freeport in 2005

Yes this "apple" is a Freeport Christmas tradition. You will see the headlights down the alley, and a line of traffic on any given night. The apple represents the "simple" part of life and joy in Freeport.

Since the 1970's the Siener family has made sure that the tree is pruned, and shaped for Christmas time. These former Freeport business owners take a lot of pride in having the city drive by and look at the "apple."

Painting - Terry Werntz
Painting - Terry Werntz

While 90% of our life in "online" and with limited human interaction, this "simple" pleasure is worth the drive to enjoy something that will make you smile. You will see a line of cars, and a handful of people enjoying the same thing. Put away the overthinking, and the worry...Enjoy the Freeport "apple," and enjoy "simple."

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