File this under: "Nope, I'll stick to whatever problems I'm dealing with."

I've had some crappy apartments in my day and you might have too, but this takes the cake, steal the cheese, plays cat and mouse, builds a nest, etc. You get the picture, right? This is exactly what a Belvidere family says they are experiencing in real life.

This unfortunate woman and her family, you can not help but feel bad for what they are going through with their apartment. She shared what is happening through a question on Facebook.

I have a question...I live in an apartment and our walls and ceiling have multiple animals stuck in them. It happens every year and never gets taken care of.

Ok, that's only the first sentence in a long description of some bad luck..? Terrible circumstances? Life with a slumlord?

She goes on to explain her daughter's struggle at bedtime because of the loud scratching noises coming from inside the walls as if something is trying to claw its way out. That poor child, I couldn't even deal with that as a grown man.

The property manager's response was (and I'm paraphrasing), "Meh, it's probably just birds."

I can tell you they are large animals with claws not just birds, we hear birds too but there's def way more going on.

If there are animals inside the walls, and if they get trapped, how many dead animals could be inside their walls? It has to be a health hazard of some sort.

As you can imagine she is beyond frustrated and looking for any advice anyone may have that can help her with this nightmare of a situation. Check out her Facebook post here.

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