One of the eight movies nominated for Best Picture that will be handed out this Sunday night has a subtle nod to a town not too far from Rockford.

I have been catching up on all the Oscar-nominated flicks I have missed in the past year, and finally had a chance to see Sound of Metal.

Sound of Metal
Amazon Studios

First, you won't have to go to a theater to see Sound of Metal. Matter of fact, as far as I know, it never showed at the movies, at least not in Rockford.

It's been on Amazon's Prime Video streaming service. If you're a Prime Member, it comes as part of the deal.

I have been watching more and more on that streamer as of late but while viewing Sound of Metal, I realized Prime Video is no joke.

While I'm almost certain Sound of Metal won't win Best Picture honors, it's a fantastic flick. Riz Ahmed is fantastic as his portrayal of a drummer going deaf, and the movie is off the charts good when it comes to sound design.

However, I'd be willing to bet they score an Oscar or two for some of the things that have been done behind the scenes to make it stand out.

While the sound does manage to take center stage in Sound of Metal, the subtly of the tees, Ahmed, and his girlfriend Lou, played by Olvia Cooke can be totally overlooked.

In a very dramatic scene between Lou and Ruben played by Ahmed, if you pay close attention you'll notice Lou wearing a WISCO Industries, Oregon Wisconsin jersey.

Located just south of Madison and about an hour or so from Rockford, Oregon Wisconsin is indeed the home of WISCO Industries, whose mission is "is to excel in high-quality metal stamping, fabrication, and contract manufacturing while providing a safe, clean, educational working environment for all of our employees."

Sounds like the kind of place that would sponsor a little league baseball or softball league.

I wonder if they ever thought an old jersey of theirs would end up in an Academy Award-nominated flick?

The Wisconsin reference aside, if you're only going to watch one Academy Award-nominated flick before they hand out the hardware this weekend, watch Sound of Metal.

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