It looks like a trip to Europe from Chicago just got a lot cheaper with a new airline in town. 

USAToday - WOW Air, the Icelandic discounter known for its $99 one-way fares to Europe, announced Chicago as its latest U.S. destination.

WOW is set to begin flying from Chicago's O'Hare International Airport on July 13. The airline will fly four weekly flights to its hub hear Reykjavik.

First things first, will it actually only cost $99 to fly to Iceland? Probably not.

WOW's base fares are often sold at rock-bottom prices, customers should know they'll par a fee for nearly everything beyond a guaranteed seat somewhere on the plane...WOW charges a fee for everything from seat assignments to carry-on bags.

So unless you're literally flying with just the shirt on your back your ticket will probably be a little bit more.

That being said I'm definitely on board (pun intended) for cheap flights across the Atlantic. Give me a couple of airplane cocktails and all of a sudden I don't really care who I'm sitting next to.

Probably not the best idea for families or people who need to be coddled along the way. But for a childless bachelor like myself it sounds like fun flying to Europe on a bare-bones flight. Kind of a badge of honor type situation.

Is this something you'd do? It's basically a Southwest but you're on it for 8 hours.

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