Everyone knows Rockford, IL gifts are the best, especially the unique gifts. Here are some ... special gifts that won't break the bank, but will spread the joy of Rockford to others.

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    "Greetings From Rockford" (Magnet)

    This 2x3 magnet not displays some of Rockford's best landmarks, it's also is great for hanging the latest mugshots from Crime Stoppers on your refrigerator.

    Cost: $5.95

    Blue Crab Magnets via Amazon
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    Rockford Is a Good Nice City (Song)

    How about a nice little song about Rockford? Click the link and preview the song. You can thank me later.

    Cost: $.99

    The Guy Who Sings Songs About Cities & Towns via Amazon
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    Happiness is Being in Rockford (Bumper Sticker)

    Buy some of these and send them to your out-of-state friends so other drives can wonder where the heck Rockford is and are people really happy there.

    Cost: $2.39

    Cafe Press via Amazon
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    Rockford, IL Cupcake Picks/Toppers

    These will add pizazz to your cupcakes, cakes, and mixed drinks. Yes, these would make great drink stirrers.

    Cost: $6.99

    Graphics and More via Amazon
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    Jingle Bells From 9th Ward Rockford IL (Song)

    I never said these were great gift ideas, but it is the thought that counts. You HAVE to listen to the preview and then immediately send it to everyone you know.

    Cost: $.99

    9Th Ward Rockford, IL via Amazon
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    Murder & Mayhem in Rockford, Illinois (Kindle Edition)

    If you enjoy reading about history, crime, and murder, this is a great choice. The author knows a lot about paranormal activity and is from Rockford.

    Cost: $7.99

    Kathi Kresol via Amazon
  • 7

    Country Song Roundup Magazine - November 1982 Edition

    Yes, there is a Rockford time to this magazine. You're going to have to read it to find out for yourself, or just have someone else do it.

    Cost: $1.99

    Rick Bolsom via Amazon
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    Rockford Pill Case Trinket

    I've never seen anyone use a pill case, and I'm even sure what a trinket is, but I bet an AARP member would like this gift.

    Cost: $9.99

    Graphics and More via Amazon
  • 9

    Cheap Trick "Rockford Armory '77" (Album)

    No doubt, Rockford's Hall of Famers have shown a lot of love to their hometown. Now you show someone love by picking up this vintage gem.

    Cost: $4.29

    Rarewaves Imports via Amazon