An 88-year-old man who was involved in a crazy scene at a Wisconsin Walmart location was fired and his wife is outraged.

The man, Bob Tallinger was fired from his job as a greeter in Waukesha, Wisconsin after a wild turkey ended up in the store.

According to WISN, "Tallinger said he was told that he should have alerted a manager when he first encountered the bird."

The bird encounter occurred on March 27, and Mark Hess from Humane Animal Welfare Society tells WISN, ""They were able to shoo the bird out, but they said he wouldn't leave, so I drove out to Walmart, and I saw two ladies playing with a turkey in the patio section of the Walmart."

The turkey was handled humanely but Tallinger's termination from Walmart was the exact opposite says his wife, Janet.

She believes that her husband was unfairly fired from his job. Tallinger tells Fox 8, "He never saw a book of rules that said if a wild turkey comes in here, you better run and get management."

Looks like Walmart is going to have to update the employee handbook.

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