Scientists Need You to Submit Video of You Playing with your Cat

This 76 year old woman poisoned her neighbors cats and is walking on sunshine. The annoying cats are dead and the birds in HER backyard that the cats attacked, are very happy too according to grandma.  SG

Madison, Wisc. cops said that the "cat killing grandma" Myrtle Maly, set out a can of cat food for the neighbor's cats to feast upon. The only difference is, this cat food had "D-Con" in it, which is used to kill rodents. Bad Gma.

The cats were coming to her backyard, and killing birds. Myrtle was finding bird feathers and she got super pissed. When she was approached by cops about the "killing the cats" we said she just intended on making them sick, and didn't intend on killing them. But her mood wasn't one that showed she was the least bit upset that the cats were gone.

Here is Myrtle's actual quotes to the arresting officer when asked about this:

 "When I find these little feathers, I've had it. I love animals, but he drove me to it, I have a good feeling because the birds are happy now." - Myrtle Maly

So what is the punishment for the cat killing grandma. I mean just look at Myrtle, she looks so damn sweet!! OK, so the punishment: $10,000 fine and up to three years in jail.

Best of luck to the cat killing granny, you look too sweet to convict! If you share a cell with her, just don't tick her off.

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