May of 2020:

A man by the name of Ron Rice was delivering a truckload of fertilizer and spotted this "beast" and then two weeks later, once again.

"This thing was huge, it was over 7-feet tall, it was brown and hairy with coarse hair. It walked out and picked something up, then turned its back toward me and went back into the woods.” - Ron Rice

A year plus later, same sightings and no answers. Here's what we know.

Something called, the "Beast of Bray," up in Lake Geneva. On Bray Road (east of Elkhorn, west of I-43, just near Elkhorn Area High School) there was a 7-foot "beastly" creature. this thing gets spotted quite a bit and it's always the same description. Seven feet in height, he or she is super hairy, and will look at you and knows you are there. Reacts like a human, but the appearance is creepy and beast like.

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Have you ever been to Lake Geneva and hear the stories about this? I'd be willing to bet that the "locals" have plenty of stories about the seven foot "beastly" creature.

How is it that these sightings keep happening and it's not bigger news? If something like that happened in Rockford, dude would be famous. He would for sure make our "25 Famous People From Rockford" check this out.

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If you have any news on this creature, shoot me an email!



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