I know, the headline would be much better if it were something like "1 Illinoisan To Get Giant Bag Of Money From Google" followed by (insert your name here), but you'll just have to settle with sharing some of this money with your fellow Illinois residents.

Why the payout from Google?

Once again, we've got another big tech company that is alleged to have broken Illinois law by violating our state's Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act, also known as BIPA. When that happens, and a settlement is reached, all that's left is to start sending out the money to Illinoisans.

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It Seems As Though Some Really Big Companies Couldn't Be Bothered To Read Up On Illinois' Laws Regarding The Biometrics Of State Residents

As I pointed out in Friday's piece on Walmart being accused of BIPA violations and the potential for another class action lawsuit, other big tech companies have had their problems with lawsuits and settlements to Illinois citizens.

  • Facebook, with a $650 million settlement, ended up paying $400 to each Illinois resident who qualified for, then joined, a class action lawsuit.
  • TikTok is going to pay out a $92 million settlement
  • Snapchat is paying out a $35 million settlement
  • And now, it's Facebook that will be kicking out $100 million to nearly half a million Illinoisans
Hey Google, where's my money? (Getty Images)
Hey Google, where's my money? (Getty Images)

The Google Settlement Is A Result Of A Class-Action Lawsuit Brought Against Google For Using Images Of Users In Google Photos

It's too late to jump in now, if this is the first you're hearing about the Google settlement. The date of the settlement with Google was last Wednesday, September 28th, and attorneys familiar with the situation say that payments to those who qualified will be going out within the next 90 days or so.

Estimates say that Google will be sending payouts to the roughly 420,000 Illinoisans who qualified, which breaks down to about $155 per person.


Those receiving payouts may choose the method through which they are paid and have the choice between Zelle, Venmo, PayPal an electronic Mastercard, or a direct deposit in their checking account. Payments will be started to be made within 90 days of the settlement date, which was on Sept. 28.

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