If you are going to visit friends for the holidays, here are five Illinois sweets to bring to the hosts as a gift.

Traveling Over The Holidays

You might be traveling over Christmas to visit friends and family. If you are, it's always good to bring a dish to pass. I always like to recommend some sort of tasty treat. Don't worry that there isn't enough time to make one yourself because there are many great places in Rockford to choose from. It's cool to bring something they can't get in their hometown.

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Bring Special Holiday Treats To Friends

I can even give you some help with some suggestions.

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5 Rockford Treats To Share During The Holidays.

  • Potato Chips From Mrs. Fisher's - They go with just about anything.
  • Swedish Cardamom Rolls from Stockholm Inn - It might be my Scandinavian background, but they are to die for.
  • Holiday cookies from Mary's Market - They have themed cookies for every holiday and they are delicious.
  • Cake from Nothing But Bundt Cake - IceHogs games have never been the same since they started selling these tasty treats at the BMO.

I hope these ideas help you.

What are your favorite things to share with people not from Rockford?

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