Spring brings some of the most treacherous and dangerous weather to the Rockford area. Few are brave enough to catch it on camera.

Lightning and thunder scare many, but I think it is a beautiful reminder of how powerful storms can be. This was taken in August of 2013. The speed is slowed down so you can really see the lightning!

One thing we are familiar with here in the Rockford area is hail. This hail/rain storm blew through Cherry Valley in April of 2012.

In June of 2014, storms became intense in the beginning, but started to taper off near Davis Junction. It doesn't make the storm any less scary.

We will never forget what we were doing the day the Fairdale tornado ripped through the small town in April of 2015.

In May, 22, 2011 a tornado stuck WREX while they were live on the air. The video is chilling and down right scary.

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