Rockford Reddit user u/audiopanik posted a great question on the Rockford subReddit. Rockford.

New to Rockford, wondering if anyone knows what’s being built in front of the Meijer on Perryville. Looks like there are 2 maybe 3 sites being prepped.

Some replies suggested maybe a Lube Pro's or Dunkin, or maybe another furniture store (an obvious joke. But his made me wonder too. This made me want to reach out to the big names in Rockford who can answer the question. Unfortunately, I don't know the numbers of any of the "big names" in Rockford. So, instead, I've put together a list of what will never ever move to the Perryville Promenade shopping area or any shopping area in Rockford for that matter.

5 Places Not Opening at Perryville Promenade in Rockford

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