There are many great spots to eat in the Rockford region that get all the 'chatter', what are some of the lesser-known 'holes in the wall' that shouldn't be missed?

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Where's the place to go for a surprisingly good meal that almost nobody else knows about?

Maybe the joint is in a small town and the locals are the only ones in on the deliciousness.

Perhaps it's just off the beaten path, and since you don't drive by it regularly, you have no idea what you've been missing.

Thank you for your contributions to this list below, but I want more.

If we missed one of your favorites, please be sure to fill us in

Great food is a fun thing to share, plus these places are likely owned by families, not corporations, and we know that they could use the business.


4 of the Most Underrated Restaurants in Northern Illinois

Potato Shak via Facebook

The Potato Shak in Loves Park serves an incredible and bountiful breakfast. Ask anyone who's eaten here and they'll tell you, you'll become a customer for life.


Flatlander Market via Facebook

Allen's Corner Diner in Hampshire is all the things we love about a classic American diner. And, I do mean ALL.


Flatlander Market via Facebook

Flatlander Market in Freeport is a wonderful surprise to all of your senses. When people speak of this place, they use words like: creative cuisine, comfort food, stylish interior, cosy, child friendly and incredibly delicious.


Johnny Pamcakes via Facebook

Johnny Pamcakes in Rockford has a menu so vast and so delicious. Any meal, any part of the day. For many years, when I lived nearby, their spaghetti and french fries was my daughter's favorite. She never did stray from that order.

I believe this list is just a beginning. Tell me about the 'cant-miss' spot you love going to. Don't forget to tell us your favorite dishes, too.

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Man Bundt Bakery: Small Illinois Bakery Creates Most Amazing Cakes You've Ever Seen

Every occasion that calls for cake, this is my 'go-to' spot. Sculpting the absolute coolest cakes around. A peanut-free facility, vegan-friendly and incredible.