Just north of Rockford in Beloit, Wi there are a bunch of older buildings on the west side of town that have had their fair share of ghost sightings. The older the area, the older the buildings, the more sightings and folklore. BeloitDailyNews

We will highlight four older structures in Beloit, Wi and even supply you with the addresses if you wanna rock and roll up there to take a look.

4 Haunted Buildings in Beloit, Wisconsin. A Short Drive to Ghosts and More

The Gallagher Building, corner of St. Lawrence Avenue and Hackett Street - At one time a grocery store owned by an Irish family. All of the children of this family passed away from the 1918 flu pandemic. GHOSTS: A little girl in the upstairs window looking out.

Hanchett-Bartlett Homestead, 2149 St. Lawrence Ave.  GHOSTS -These sightings and noises include a rocking chair moving on it's own and a female ghost upstairs.

The Grinnell Senior Center, 927 Fourth Ave. - Built in the 1900's, this was a boarding school at one point. A box of canary's was once found there. GHOSTS - People report hearing the "fluttering of canary wings."


Steelworkers Union Hall, 1620 Shore Drive. - A German doctor once practiced medicine in that building. Also there were claims of an underground railroad that was once in the building. GHOSTS - The sounds of slaves trying to escape, and German doctors walking around. Ghost Hunters have visited this one and confirmed that is in fact haunted. 


Have at it, be safe and let us know if you hear/see anything.

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