One of the most vulgar tirades came on this date in 1983. 

Warning: This video contains a LOT of cussing. 37 instances of the F-word alone.

We will probably never hear another manager speak so honestly, or vulgar-ly, ever again.

The Cubs had just lost another game to go to 5-14 and the Cubs manager had heard enough from the drunk Wrigley crowd.

The money line from the rant is "85% of the world works for a living, the other 15% comes here." That's awesome.

Huge props to Les Grobbstein who now works for 670 The Score. Les was a reporter on the Cubs beat who happened to have his tape recorder on in his pocket when Elia went off. Les immediately ran back to his studio and ran an edited version for listeners and it was a smash hit. Without Les this gem would be lost forever.

Happy anniversary Lee. I've heard nothing be good things about you. Thanks for this unforgettable moment in Chicago sport's history.

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