Someone in town is sitting on a ticket worth more than a quarter million dollars. Do you know them?

WIFR - The winning Quick Pick ticket was purchased at Valli Produce, 5880W. State Street. The winning numbers are 09-20-25-28-30 from Monday's drawing.

It's only been a week since the ticket was sold so maybe the winner is just getting things in order but who knows.  They have about another 50 weeks to claim it. Winners have one year from the drawing to claim a prize. Valli's would also like the winner to come forward since they get a 1% cut, or $3,500, for selling the winning ticket.

I know I've bought a quick pick ticket on a whim and then totally forgot to check it later because I hardly ever play. (My parents are both math teachers so playing the lotto was a big no no growing up.)

Do you know anyone who regularly buys tickets from Valli on State? Might want to start being nice to them. They could be sitting on a gold mine.

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