It is no wonder that these three items haven't sold on the Rockford Buy, Sell, Trade & Automobiles Facebook page.

I'll admit it. I'm a garage sale junkie.

I belong to MANY Facebook buy and sell groups, including Rockford Buy, Sell, Trade & Automobiles.

Group members, which there are over 14,000 members, post items they would like to sell or trade. This is much like a virtual garage sale.

If you are interested in the item, you comment on the Facebook posting, arrange pick up details and once the transaction takes place, you are both on your way. As the seller you have a little extra cash and room in your garage and as the buyer you are the new proud owner of an item.

While scrolling through the Facebook page looking for baby items for my upcoming arrival, I've stumbled upon some of the weirdest things I ever thought someone would sell:

1. You can own this Beautiful Outhouse for $200Alright, so maybe you don't need and outhouse... but you want one! I'm not sure the need for this now that indoor plumbing is a normal thing. Maybe for when you go camping? Either way, I wouldn't want to pay $200 for something others have crapped in.

Kelly An chris Koester via Facebook

2. Planning for your future, in the ground? Own not one but TWO burial plots at Wilwood Cemetery! I mean... I don't know the going rate for burial plots, but maybe this is a great deal!

Mary McLaughlin Akey via Facebook


3. Why not purchase this lovely Tattoo Gun! I don't know about this whole purchasing a tattoo gun off Facebook thing, because I don't know how to do tattoos. I'm not a professional artist but something tells me this will end up in the wrong person's hands. Can we scream NO please?

Paola Aguilar via Facebook


I can't be the only one that thinks these items are just bizarre. Am I?