Here's on for the Illinois history books that is a tad on the creepy side...

The year was 1877 and 12-year-old Mary Lurancy Vennum, was possessed by the dead...this was the first documented case in America. Mary was an Illinois girl, and the story is scary as hell.

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So here's the 1865, Mary E. Roff lived in a house in Watseka, IL. About 90 miles from Chicago. Mary suffered from  cataleptic fits and died in the house at the age of 19. O.K., here's where the sad story of this young ladies death, gets down right creepy. 12-year old Mary Lurancy Vennum who lived nearby started suffering from the same cataleptic fits about 11 years after Mary Roff's death...Once Mary Lurancy Vennum started suffering from this, she would tell people she was being visited by the dead.

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As time went on Mary would be in a trance like state, and would start describing heaven and spirits....and the dead Mary E. Roff. During one particular trance she told her parents that Mary E. Roff would like to return, in HER BODY. Mary knew WAY TOO MUCH about Mary E. Roff, specifics about friends and family and there was no way she would know these things....Mary took over Mary, and Mary was possessed. TRIB

This is the first know and documented case of a person being possessed...It's not like Mary watched a video on Tik Tok and learned how to fake this, holy crap this is terrifying.

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