Good news burger lovers! One of the best spots in Rockford is re-opening their doors.

James Purifoy opened up 15th & Chris back in October of 2014. The small restaurant with no indoor seating on the south side of town quickly gained recognition and a reputation of having some of the best burgers in Rockford if not the state.

Lines would routinely form outside Purifoy's small restaurant shop during the spring and summer months. Purifoy was encouraged to move his restaurant to an area with higher traffic but stayed true to his roots and kept it on the south side of town just down the road from Marinelli Field.

Then the pandemic happened and Purifoy, like many other restaurant owners, couldn't keep his restaurant open.

Purifoy had another idea. He would focus his attention on his newly built food truck and take his food to the people.

RockRiverCurrent - The two-year “food tour” allowed him to build a larger fan base outside Rockford that could come dine in the city now.

Followers of 15th & Chris would routinely see posts like this on their Facebook page, letting their fans know where they could get their next delicious burger and sneaky-amazing fries.

And like the Pied Piper, Purifoy's fans would come.

In addition to a wider sandwich menu at his brick and mortar restaurant, Purifoy says that the ice cream shop will be back up and running for the warmer summer months.

Hopefully, Purifoy will be able to build up a staff to operate the restaurant and food truck full time in the future, but in the meantime he will focus his attention back to the building at 15th Ave and Christina.

If you haven't tried the food from 15th & Chris or met their owner with the most infectious smile you've ever seen, add it to your to-do list this summer, you won't be disappointed.

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