It's the end of a very long era at the San Diego Zoo.

The Los Angeles Times reports that a Galapagos tortoise known as Speed has been euthanized at an estimated age of more than 150 years:

Speed had been living at the San Diego Zoo since 1933. He was brought to California as part of an early effort to preserve the endangered species from the Volcan Cerro Azul Island of the Galapagos Islands, off Ecuador.

The massive tortoise had been in geriatric decline for some time. Keepers treated his arthritis and other maladies with medication, hydrotherapy, physical therapy and acupuncture.

For many years Speed lived at the Children's Zoo in San Diego, where youngsters were allowed to ride them. That practice reportedly was stopped a long time ago.

With Speed gone, the zoo has 13 Galapagos tortoises. They've produced more than 90 offspring sent to other zoos, many of them sired by Speed. I don't think his "stud fee" was anywhere near what American Pharoah will receive for his services.

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