What this 15 year old thought was funny at the time, actually it kinda is...got him in deep poo with the police, well at least with a Karen . SG

This young man has been charged with disorderly conduct after he yelled in a window, as a Cub Scout meeting was going on, "F the Cub Scouts!" Let's get the actual quote from the Karen that called 911...“a male juvenile yelled loudly and clearly into one of the windows, ‘F*** THE CUB SCOUTS!!’ 

The woman was "upset and disturbed" she followed a group of boys that were walking outside of the building, the evil f bomb yellers.

Yes, the woman dialed 911 to report a 15 year old yelling the F word. This is real life. SO cops showed up to the location, identified the swearing teenager and put him in a squad car, much to the delight of Karen.

The kid was taken home after he obviously pooped himself in the back of a cop car. The police claimed that there was a lot more "serious" issues to attend to, and just dropped the kid off at home.

The following Monday, the kid appeared at a suburban Chicago police station and was "cited" for being a teenage boy, I mean disorderly conduct.

Kids will be kids, and at 15 yelling the F word is funny. It's funny in the right situation at 47...It's the greatest sentence enhancer, ever.

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