This is just an outstanding story to kick off the ridiculous news story cycle that is Halloween.

The story probably doesn't hold up to the headline but the details in this story are pretty great.

KSAT - The incident occurred at 7 Floors of Hell haunted house in Berea, Ohio on Sept. 18 when an actor stabbed the boy through one of his Croc sandals and cut his toe.

The actual incident isn't as nearly as sinister as it sounds. It just is the result of a dumb decision by a 22-year-old.

Christopher Pogozelski, 22, the actor who stabbed the boy, brought a real knife to use at the haunted house which is strictly against the rules of the attraction.

Good to know that the haunted house had a strict rule on their actors bringing real weapons into the haunted house.

Speaking of this haunted house. Isn't it a bit early for the haunted house season? I'm not a "I can't believe they're putting out Christmas decorations already" guy, but it just doesn't seem to be financially viable to open a haunted house before October even begins. Are people going to haunted houses in September? Have they ever gone this early? I wasn't a big fan of them when I was younger and now that I'm over 17-years-old, I don't really have a need for them anymore.

The 7 floors of Hell has been around for a while and looks pretty awful.

Back to the stabbing story because we haven't gotten to the Karen part of the story.

CNN - He walked up to my son and he was holding the knife, and his intentions were to scare him, but my son responded to him by saying, 'That's fake. I'm not scared,''' the child's mother, Karen Bednarski

That's right, the kid's mother is literally a Karen. She wasn't happy with the haunted house unsurprisingly, but knew she didn't have much of a case when her son still wanted to finish the haunted house.

Just the first of what I'm sure will be a handful of dumb stories coming out this Halloween. We already have the "make sure your kids aren't getting weed gummies for Trick-or-Treating" story.

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