We're just a little over a month into summer; what have you done with the warmth so far?

If you said, "not much," then it's time to hop to it; because if we're lucky, we'll only get another 60 days of heated fun in the sun.

And if you're one of the unfortunate parents whose kid are bored and sixty days is just too many, then maybe the list below will help.

Because we here in Illinois know that our time with warm temps are limited, we make it a point to take full advantage and make sure we do anything and everything we can to get sweaty, stay cool, and get wet.

Here are 12 things that every true Rockfordian does during the summer months (if you haven't done one, put it on your to-do-list)

1. Magic Waters

2. Anderson Japanese Gardens

3. Attend a Rockford Rivets Game

4. City Market

5. Dinner on the Docks

6. Camp

7. Beach it up at Pearl Lake

8. Float Down the Rock River

9. Hike Rock Cut State Park

10. Take a Road Trip

11. Volcano Falls

What else do you love doing during the summer in Rockford?

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