Time to look at some dream houses.

A new list just revealed the richest town in each state. So what's the richest town in Illinois?

Glencoe, Illinois.

MSN details -

A suburb of Chicago, Livability gives Glencoe an exceptional living score of 79. Perhaps that’s because the income per capita is more than 250% higher than the U.S. average, or the median home value is more than 380% higher than the national average. Of all the residents, 94% own their homes, and 99% of high schoolers graduate.

Obviously, when I saw this news I went right to Realtor.com. Show me the mansions!

I set the minimum price at 1 million because duh. Then I set the max price as no limit. Here's what I found. Spoiler alert, get ready to see A LOT of incredible exteriors, pools, indoor basketball courts, movie theaters, wine cellars, walk-in closets, and so much more.

These houses range from $2,699,000-$18,000,000.

As I was scrolling through these houses I kept having the same thought of how much it would suck to have to clean that big of a house. Then I realized if you can afford a house that big, you can probably afford to hire someone to clean it. Clearly, I don't think like someone who can afford these homes.

I think that makes them even more fun to look at. So let's pretend we're rich and go house shopping together, shall we?

10 10 Jaw Dropping Mansions For Sale in Illinois' Richest Town

Let's take a look at some homes for sale in Glencoe, IL.

If you're curious, MSN details more about Glencoe -

Median household income: $248,851 (262.2% more than U.S. median income)

I officially have new house goals.


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