Would This Kind of Event Work Here in Rockford?
Here in Rockford, we've shown ourselves to be very open-minded when it comes to trying out sports and/or games that are popular in other countries, but do we have enough hearty, adventurous souls around here to take on the very British Cheese Rolling Race? I think we do, although at this point …
Illinois Has Some Unusual Museums You Should Check Out
As a kid, I saw a lot of museums. I've said before that I've seen most of this country from the back seat of my parents car, but we did stop the car occasionally, and when we did it was often in front of a museum of some sort. If you want museums, Illinois is your spot.
Wait, Your Mascot is a What?
Growing up in nearby Oregon, Illinois, our high school mascot was a hawk. We were the Oregon Hawks. Nothing really unusual or noteworthy about that one. However, one of our conference opponents at the time, Polo, had the unusual team name of "The Marcos." That's right, the Polo Marcos. I'v…
Say Yes to the Parachute Dress
I've watched more than a few episodes of TLC's Say Yes to the Dress with my daughter, Molly. If you're unfamiliar, SYTTD is a reality TV series that follows brides through Kleinfeld Bridal in Manhattan as they search for, and (almost always) find the perfect wedding gown for thei…

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