Is Illinois a Good State to Live in if You’re Single?
If you're a single (unmarried) person here in the Land of Lincoln, you may have, at one time or another, wondered if there might be a better place to be in order to meet that special someone. In a nutshell, is there a better place than Illinois for the singles lifestyle?
Booze “Drug of Choice” for Illinois Teens
It's not the category that any state wants to lead the nation with, but Illinois' 8th graders and high school seniors are more likely to booze it up than anywhere else in the nation. And, nearly half of those kids are heading for a problem later in life.
Bee and Honey Survey Underway in Illinois
Dave Dahl -- Illinois Radio Network
Illinois honey production and other facts and figures pertaining to the state's bees will be the subject of an upcoming USDA report.
The agency's crop statistics service is conducting the survey. State statistician Mark Schleusener says bees and Illinois agriculture…
What Should You Tip For the Holidays?
Are you planning to hand out holiday tips this year?
If so, you're in the majority. According to a survey of more than 1,400 adults by, about 70% of Americans say they plan to make sure others know they’re grateful for service during the past year...

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